About Us

inspectedCris Home Inspections is the most trusted and reliable name in the field of Inspections Services in South Florida. We have been serving thousands of clients since 2000. Our Inspectors are highly qualified, as well as Internachi certified, licensed, bonded and Insured with over 10 years’ of experience and skill to cater to your all your Home/Commercial Inspection needs.

We offer our services to clients in Martin County, Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami/Dade County.

Why Choose Cris Home Inspections?

Cris Home Inspections is a name that offers client’s a number of advantages. Our company is solely dedicated to the task of conducting Complete Residential and Commercial Inspections Services. Some of the advantages are:

Our Inspection Services include 4 Point Inspections, Windstorm Mitigation Inspections, Citizens Roof Certificate Inspections, Home Inspections, and Commercial Inspections. Recognizing all the needs for repairs so that buyers and sellers can both benefit from them accordingly.

Certified and Experienced Professionals. All our Inspectors are Internachi certified and have over 10 years’ experience. We are proud to say that our Inspectors are dedicated and serious about their work.

Reliable and trustworthy. For years we have provided our services to thousands of clients who have not only found our work reliable but, also rely on the name of Cris Home Inspections. We maintain that level of reliability and trustworthiness for all our clients, knowing that their trust comes first.

Our focus remains on maintaining professionalism. We know that, in order to stay a successful and reliable name, we need to be professional in all aspects, so that our clients can be content knowing that the Inspection was handled professionally throughout the entire process.

Here at Cris Home Inspections, you can rest assured that we are dedicated, reliable and will offer accurate services. Using our certified Inspectors lets you take a sigh of relief and gives every client a sense of contentment and peace of mind. 

 Call us today #561-393-9977 or #954-523-4040 to schedule your next inspection with our certified Inspectors.