Commercial Inspections

commercial inspectionsCommercial Inspections: The process of collecting information through visual observation during a walk-through survey of the property, conducting property research and  generating a report about the property condition by the inspection inspector.

Commercial inspection evaluates the major systems of the property and the visible structural components; it also catalogs the type and condition of HVAC equipment and potential hidden structural problems that may exist. Commercial Inspection Services is a comprehensive professional service designed to give you the answers before you buy or sell.

The commercial inspection results are reported in a concise, computer-generated, comprehensive report of the building’s overall condition adhering to current ASTM standards.

Commercial Property Inspection includes:

  • Site Characteristics (paving, landscaping and utilities)
  • Structural Frame and Building Envelope
  • Roof Surface Areas
  • Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems
  • Interior Elements

Whether you are an investor specializing in commercial property, a banker, property manager, leasing agent, lender  you can rely on Cris Home Inspections to provide you with commercial building inspections that provide the information you need for optimal decision-making. We have  extensive experience in Commercial Inspections and Commercial Building Inspections so you can make your choice with confidence.

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