4 Point Inspections

The 4 Point Inspection was created after Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida in 1992. It has become a requirement for homes, that are 30 years or older. Insurance Companies have become more reluctant to offer Insurance for an older home, because of the financial risk. 

The 4 Point Inspection is a Visual Inspection of the four major components of a home.

The Insurance Company is looking for any preexisting defects that could become a liability if a policy were written.  The Inspector will collect visual data for the Insurance Company at the time of the Inspection. With this Inspection, the Insurance Company will determine if you are entitled to any discounts on your Homeowners Insurance policy premium.  The 4 Point Inspection provides the Insurance Companies the current operating condition and the expected service life of the four major components of your home.

The four major components that are inspected are:

HVAC (Heat, Ventilation & A/C)

Plumbing and Fixtures