Citizens Roof Certificate Inspection

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Roof Condition Certification Inspection

Citizens Insurance now requires Roof Condition Certification Inspections or proof of roof replacement upon renewal for homes of certain ages.

If your home is more than 25 years old, you may be required to provide proof that your roof has been replaced (or is under contract for replacement) or have Citizens Roof Certificate Inspection by a qualified Inspector.

The Inspector must see that the roof is expected to last at least another 5 years or more.


       If your home is…    And your roof covering material is…  Then replacement is required.
More than 25 years old… Made of asphalt, fiberglass, composition or   wood-shake shingles; built-up tar and gravel; or any other type of roof covering   that is not included below. Your home is not insurable without proof that your roof has been replaced OR you submit an Inspection from a qualified Inspector verifying at least five years of remaining useful life on the roof.
More than 50 years old… Made of tile, slate, clay, concrete or metal
A mobile or manufactured home more than 25 years old… All roofs made of any type of material


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