Wind Mitigation Inspection Can Reduce Your Home Insurance Policy

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Wind Mitigation Inspection Can Reduce Your Home Insurance Policy

Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Cost with Wind Mitigation Inspection

Insurance Company’s offer discounts on your homeowner policy premiums for building construction techniques and features that provide greater protection for your home or business.

Windstorm Mitigation discounts are offered for features that protect your home or business from wind damage caused by major storms.

These discounts apply only to the wind portion of your policy premium. They are not offered for mobile homes.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind Pressure

  Opening protection devices:

Rated shutters to protect all windows and doors from wind-borne debris

Special impact-resistant windows and doors with proper paperwork (Notice of Acceptance)
Roof shape

Roof Types Diagram

Roof Types Diagram


Hip roof (sloped on all four sides like a pyramid)

Flat Roof

Other (not Hip or Flat)


Roof Covering – 2001 Florida Building Code (FBC)

Roof Covering

Roof Covering

Broward County – Roof must be newer than 9/1/94
Palm Beach County – Roof must be newer than 3/1/02

  Roof-deck attachment

Clips (minimum of 3 nails)
Single Wraps Straps (single strap that wraps over the top of the truss/rafter & is secured with a min. of 2 nails on the front and 1 on the back.)

Ask your Insurance agent for more information.

Other Home Insurance Discounts

Certain types of policies also may qualify for additional discounts:

  • Fire alarm systems – Centrally monitored systems, with and without sprinklers, may be eligible for discounts.
  • Burglar alarm systems – Systems must be monitored to be eligible for premium discounts.
  • Sprinkler systems – Documentation is required before any discounts are applied, and the cost of any required certification of discount eligible features is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Ask your Insurance agent whether your policy may qualify and To schedule your home inspection contact Cris Home Inspections at (561) 393-9977

To download copy of Wind Mitigation inspection page in printable format click here

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