Home Inspection and What To Expect

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Home Inspection and What To Expect

Home Inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of the condition of a home, often in connection with the sale of that home.

Home Inspection may include any combination of mechanical, structural, electrical, combination of mechanical, structural, electrical, plumbing, or other essential systems or portions of plumbing, or other essential systems or portions of the home.

What is non-invasive Home Inspections, inspector can only report on what can be seen, given reasonable access. The Home Inspection will not reveal every issue that exists or ever could exist, but only those material defects observed on the date of the inspection.

A material defect is a specific issue with a system or component of a residential property that may have a significant, adverse impact on the value of the property, or that poses an unreasonable risk to people.  The fact that a system or component is near, at or beyond the end of its normal useful life is not, in itself, a material defect.

For example, a cracked foundation or a dangerous electrical condition would constitute an unreasonable risk to people, but a roof covering that had exceeded its intended lifespan would not, unless it was also showing signs of leakage.

Home Inspection report identify in written format, all defects within specific systems and components defined by the Inspection Standards that are both observed and deemed material by your inspector.  Inspection reports may include additional comments and recommendations.

The Home Inspection covers the house itself and that part of the property which has a direct impact on the building. An example of some of the items inspected would be:

  • Attic
  • Roof
  • Exterior
  • Exterior Grounds
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Electrical
  • Interior
  • Plumbing
  • Safety Issues

 After the completion of your Home Inspection, our office will prepare a detailed Home Inspection Report for your property.

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