The best way to show that your home is a good investment is to have us perform a Home Inspection.

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The best way to show that your home is a good investment is to have us perform a Home Inspection.

Are you selling your home?

It can be a very difficult and a long process. You want and need every advantage in marketing your home to prospective buyers. The best way to show that your home is a good investment is to have us perform a Home Inspection. As InterNACHI certified Inspectors, we will thoroughly inspect your home and generate a detailed report along with pictures the same day.

You can complete repairs and improvements before you show or even list your home.  A Home Inspection helps you justify your asking price, and can help avert any last-minute re-negotiations on price or condition.  A Home Inspection may convince a buyer to waive his own Inspection, making the process to go faster. You can advertise that your home has been pre-Inspected, which will help drive traffic to your home.  Of course, We would be happy to perform an Inspection for the new home you’re buying – just give us a call.

Inspection we provide::

  • Windstorm Mitigation Inspections
  • Citizens Roof Certificate Inspections
  • 4 Point Inspections
  • Home Inspections
  • Commercial Property Inspections

We can assist your family, friends and neighbors with all Residential/Commercial Inspection needs on their homes, weather they are selling their home or buying a new one.  We would greatly appreciate it if you would tell them about us. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you once again.  Please give us a call anytime at #561-393-9977 & #954-523-4040.

10 Years Experience
10 Years Experience

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10 Important questions to ask the Home Inspector…

INTERNachi certified1.  Do you participate in Continuing Education programs to keep your expertise up to date?

Yes, Florida Home Inspectors are required to have 14 CEU’S yearly. Some must be on certain topics such as: Roof Covering, HVAC.

2.  Do you maintain a membership in a Professional Home Inspection Association? If so, which one?

There are several different association’s out there. Internachi is the most well  known.

3. When will I get my report from my Home Inspector?

The Inspector will fill out an Electronic form and it will be emailed to you and your agent. We try to do this within hours of the Inspection.  

4. What does the Inspection cover?

Depends on the Inspection. Check out OUR Inspections page and it will tell you about what the Inspection you need covers.

5. How long have you been doing  Home Inspections?$10,000 Honor Guarantee, Backed by InterNACHI

We have been doing Home Inspections for 10 years in South Florida.

6. Do you work for me, my agent or the Insurance Company?

 You. You hire us to come and do the Inspection. We work for our client’s ONLY. We do follow all rules and regulations by the Insurance Company’s.

7. Are you Licensed, bonded and Insured?

Yes, I would never recommend using a Business who is not licensed, bonded or insured.

8. Do you preform the repairs?

No, we DO NOT preform any repairs. We may be able to help recommend a Business.

9. Will your Inspection meet recognized standards?

Yes, our Inspection goes above and beyond regular standards and even exceeds recognized standards.

10. Will I be able to attend the  Inspection?

Yes, we encourage you to be there. Sometimes, if something needs to be fixed or replaced it is easier to show you then try to explain it over the phone.

Have me call you.

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Important things to know about a Palm Beach Home Inspection…

Home Inspection

Home Inspection

Things to know about a Palm Beach Inspection and their benefits.


Important things to know about a Home Inspection and their benefits. Home Inspections are an important process that plays a pivotal role in the buying or selling of property. It is done by a professional Home Inspector trained for this specific purpose.

A house will probably be one of the largest investments you make, you do not want to lose any time while forking out where you are not required to. Generally, the procedure is beneficial to both the seller who gets to know the real value of the property in context, and the buyer who gets an in-depth understanding of the home’s condition. What does a comprehensive Home Inspection process entail?

The procedure may slightly vary from one Home Inspector to the next simply owed to the varying personalities of each. While one may be thorough and detailed, he/she may not be as experienced as the next hence, losing an edge in that perspective.  However, there are three common components that every good Inspector should cover and include in the final report. A comprehensive Home Inspection should basically elaborate and categorize each problem as a safety issue, minor defect or major defect.

Secondly, the Inspector should also list down all items that need to be replaced, repaired or needs servicing. Lastly, the Inspector should explain the items that are suitable for now and those that require close monitoring.


Benefits of a Palm Beach Home Inspection:

To a home owner, contrary to common perception, Home Inspection shouldn’t be carried out only when buying or selling. It is equally beneficial to all home owners and in fact, those that do it on a regular basis enhance the longevity of their property.

A comprehensive Home Inspection will not only document the condition of your home, but also identify minor defects before they turn into expensive repairs. The procedure will go a long way in helping you find solutions to problems in a professional and timely manner.
To Buyers technically, this is the lot that stands to gain the most from Home Inspections. Qualified Inspectors are trained to detect as many defects as possible with the help of acquired techniques, specialized tools and extensive experience. This basically means that the buyer will be made aware of any problems and hazardous conditions within the property hence avoiding over-paying.

This gives the buyer peace of mind as he/she makes an informed decision on whether or not to purchase the house or to keep looking. Not only will the buyer get valuable, in-depth knowledge about the new home, he/she will also avoid future surprises.

To Sellers it is common to find home owners seeking to sell and not identifying problems on the property while showing it to a prospective buyer. A seller can avoid losing out on sweet deals by procuring a Home Inspection. This will enable the Seller to replace or repair any defects to increase the property’s value.

This also eliminates the rush and costs that come with last minute repairs that are known to cause delays. The bottom line is that regardless of whether you are a buyer, seller or home owner,

Home Inspections are a highly beneficial procedure that you will be glad about in the future. It is certainly worth every penny offering great value for your money.


Things to know about a Palm Beach Home Inspection and their benefits.


Let us make sure everything works.

Let us make sure everything works.

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We can help

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